Our factory had a fixed number of 350 workers reaching 500 people in periods of great availability of raw material. All this work was managed by the owner and director, Mr. Mauro Cerisola. To better understand what has been done, we have compiled the first export health certificate to Europe. At that time there were only a few permits to export in Europe,ours was the DL No. – 26, of Euro GanhHao Corporation., LTD .

Thanks to our 30 years of expericence in Vietnam, actually we have two companies, and we are processing high quality of seafood. We are specialized in value added food, especially ready meals for retail consumers. Our recipes can be ready to be consumed in only 5 min.

with two of our companies, GenSai Co., LTD and Indofish Asia Co., LTD .

–          1991 – Euro Ganh Hao Corporation., LTD

–          2010 – GenSai Co.,LTD ( to remember our origins, Genoa and Saigon)

–          2017 – Indofish Asia Co.,LTD

Some  photos of our beginning  –  1991, long time ago…….